About Us

We are a Team of Innovative Resume Experts

Founded in 1986 in Edmonton AB, Resumes with Results has earned the reputation of outstanding success in connecting job seekers with employers across all industries. Writing outstanding resumes, developing job search strategies, career counselling and executive coaching, interview tutoring and creating a powerful image has gained Linda and her company the reputation as a leading qualified Career Marketing Professional.

Her empathy and compassion, combined with her excellent communication skills, enable her to work with all levels of individuals. Linda is adept in helping people discover their strengths, assets, attributes and abilities. Her clientele list is long, encompassing all career functions and levels in the private and public sectors with an emphasis on senior executives.

Our head writer has many skills and abilities in many different areas, primarily in business development, human resourcing, marketing and mid-level management. His main ability is to see trending across a wide-variety of businesses when it comes to human resourcing. He possesses an extensive vocabulary and has a long-standing background in crafting words as a Wordsmith.

In regard to resumes, his writing ability extends into marketing a person’s career using sales methodologies in creating a person’s value to a potential employer and the use of psychology in understanding how people process information when they read it. He uses these combined talents with his wordsmithing capabilities to produce written works far more successful than the average professional resume writer.

Our writers are experts in their own fields as well as being accomplished writers and Wordsmiths. We understand the psychology of writing and how to convey your information positively to the reader. We turn the common into something larger than itself.



Expanding Horizons

A recent endeavour we have been involved with has become quite popular. Our company has been approached by several individuals because of our successes in two prime areas. These two areas are in professional writing and wordsmithing.

Although our main business function is helping people gain employment by writing leading edge skills-based resumes, we accomplish this not only by a vastly superior product, but by our creative writing and word crafting abilities. We also contract to develop website content, blogs, LinkedIn profiles and much more.

Recently, we have been invited to speak to various groups of people from graduating students about to enter the workforce to future entrepreneurs on topics such as professional resumes, marketing a person’s skills, human resourcing and the Applicant Tracking System, entrepreneurship communication and marketing strategies. We detail the differences between custom built resumes and template resumes which are fixed in pre-defined “packages”. We explain how a professional writer can be an investment in your future, not an expense.

Recent Speaking Engagements in Edmonton include:

Shaw Conference Centre – Recruited as expert speaker on Skills-Based vs Chronological Resumes
Grant MacEwan University – Invited to speak about how to capitalize on the shortcomings of human resourcing today and how to improve their odds.
King’s University – Invited to speak about how to capitalize on the shortcomings of human resourcing today and how to improve their odds.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements – TBA

If you would like Linda to speak at your organization, just drop us an email with a few details.