Applicant Tracking Systems

Resumes and Applicant Tracking Systems

All Applicant Tracking Systems are inherently flawed and prone to errors. This software is used to screen applications submitted online, either by email or direct to a company website. Although there can be many reasons you do not get that call for an interview, the ATS is, by far, the largest obstacle to overcome so a real person can see your value and request an interview.

To date, there are well over 100 ATS software systems in existence and possibly over 200, as some reports seem to indicate. To complicate matters, they are all created using the same parsing code, which means they all have the same fundamental flaws. To make matters worse, a company also has the ability to set their own keywords to assist in filtering out unsuitable applicants. Early statistics showed that only 3% of resumes submitted actually made it through screening and more recent statistics indicate that 25% of resumes submitted actually make it into human hands. Gone are the days where every resume was read by human eyes only.

Any resume writer that guarantees you interviews will not be able to hold up to that unless they can set human resourcing policy with the companies you are applying to. Common sense would tell you that they do not have that kind of power unless they own those companies. Here, at Resumes with Results, we have over 30 years of marketing careers, and we make it our business to know what trends are happening in the world of employment so we can capitalize on your value, overcome many obstacles and greatly increase your opportunities for interview. We are Alberta’s oldest resume business, and we know how to set you apart from that crowd of job seekers.