Best Resume Format

What is the Best Resume Format?

If you do a google search for sample resumes, you will find an overwhelming number of examples to choose from, so which what is the best resume format for you? The answer is simple… NONE!

Many of these have been online since the early days of the internet but they all have one major flaw. They are all versions of a chronological resume. Over the years, these resumes have been modified to suit the ever changing need of human resourcing, but increasingly failing to meet expectations. Although your work history is important, it is your value to a future employer that will get you that job. Chronological resumes are not designed to market your value and therefore you need to rewrite your resume to tailor it to each company you apply to. No longer are they suitable for all applications. Employers want do see what you can offer them specifically. What you need is one resume that can market your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience to show your value.

This is the age of the skills-based resume which captures your value, and more, in one document which can be tailored to any posting of interest in seconds, avoiding the cost of rewriting out-of-date chronological resumes. It should be noted that a chronological resume with added skills is not the same as a true skills-based resume. These resumes are a minimum of 85% more effective and often cost less than chronological resumes. Our company, Resumes with Results, pioneered the skills-based resume and we have not written a chronological resume in over 19 years.