Quick Answers to Common Questions

Q - How much does your resume cost?

A – We do not have fixed prices as this is unfair to you. No two people have the exact same work history or career path. A fixed price means your life’s work is condensed into a set amount of pages and much important information is left out and you now become a “clone” of all other resumes written.

We consult with our potential clients and determine how best to market their skills, abilities, knowledge and experience. We include all the important information others leave out for the sake of page layout and format. Prices are always based on your unique history as well as your career direction. We also save you money by being a home based office which means you are not wasting money on a commercial office space when it is better spent on the quality of your resume.

Q - I want to change my career but I’m not getting interviews. Can you help?

A – Yes, we can! Anyone changing careers or trying to get their first job has the same issues to face and that is, no relevant work history to show you are worth an interview. This is where the power of our skills-based resume really pays off for our clients. A chronological resume’s strength is in where a person worked and what they did to accomplish that work. A skills-based resume’s power is in showcasing a person’s value to a company based on their skills, abilities, knowledge and experience which relate to the type of employment. Chronological resumes were never designed to accomplish this but the skills-based resume was designed to do this and more. Everyone is employable.